Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2008


7 Oktober 2008

Seorang teman pernah berkata bahkan seorang pemikir sejatipun butuh candu…
Awalnya aku memungkiri menyukai bertumpuk-tumpuk buku yang baru aku beli, dan aku lahap dalam satu dua hari. Aaargh…sangat “girl-fan” sekali!.
Tapi lalu semuanya buyar…ketika menyadari si empunya tulisan punya fantasi. Punya konsep yang ia sendiri yakin bisa mengubah isi dunia dengan tulisannya yang aku anggap “cemen”!. Industri hanya bagian kecil dari mimpinya yang terejawantahkan.
Lalu aku mencoba menghargainya sebagai bentuk apresiasi…
Aaaahh…what the hack!!, ruang kosong di benakku butuh diberi madu jangan selalu anti-biotik dan anti depressan yang buat aku jadi ngilu-ngilu!
So…Meyer, let’s see what u’re gonna do with me?! ;-)

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daisy st patience mengatakan...

he he.. It's funny to see you were encountering the same problem as I did a few months a go (u could see my july journal on my deviantart blog). I guess everyone has always been dilute in vogue or trends. I mean we can never be freed from Zeitgeist -semangat zaman or whatsoever-, and so our tendency on favoring something has always been controled by mass prefference. Look at me, i am soo closed of being an anime otaku (those who'd hung themselves upon reading the newest chapter of some sick-favored mangas :)). But yeah I guess everyone has their own addiction for this diverse-assorted cultural commodities. I guess It's okay to admire those popular culture thingy, as long as you keep your conciousness, and keep your humanity conscience.. Dont worry bout how other would judge you.. But in some level being an admirer for these things is somehow poisonous.. The danger lies within this cultural product was as the same level as being a fanatic congegration for some silly cult or religious group. And the worst part is, the creators are sucking all the provit from the brainwashed fans.. He he.. becareful for being a popular culture fans, the capitalism mechanism will provide some necessary effort to boosted up our consumtion libido.. look at me for example: do i really need those naruto's action figures? Well no siree.. as a healthy intelegent twenty something, I sanely believe that I dont need them, but since I've became a lunatic fan (victim) for a couple of month, I loose my control and buy those trash.. So careful my dear sister, to favored those pop product is totaly fine, but watchout for the sneaky industry.. They'll try to trapped us.. If you're not careful enough, you'll find yourself buying some (trashed) stuff and browsing internet all night long just to find out what color does Edward Cullen favored for his underwear :)..